Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is a highly nutritious, mild flavored, easy to blend food that has many possibilities for
“building in” desired nutrients. Varietal and environmental differences are known to exist in the shape, size, and nutritional
content of potatoes. Different populations opt for varying sensory properties in relation to their diets. Potatoes are a low
energy food in comparison to cereals and legumes. The aim of this review was to present an update of the currently conducted
studies both on the characterization of several potato varieties (physical, chemical, and sensory analysis) and by means of
genetic modification. Towards this target, five comprehensive tables were compiled where all recent data (physicochemical
properties) and GM varieties were presented in conjunction with multivariate analysis (chemometrics). The latter was shown
to be effectively used towards authenticity purposes (identification of geographical origin, variety, GM).

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